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When the dance was over I sat in a chair

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Posted on: 01/12/18

Then I became aware someone had grabbed my hands and was pulling me up.In my search for the various oils I couldnt find the Calamus. The Lord had been telling me to take no honor to myself that I was called as Aaron was.Today he is still with me. Carefully I placed my finger over the top and tipped the bottle to anoint myself for the first time. This was humorous to me because the Evangelist had PET bottle suppliers always talked of how when you are slain in the Spirit that Holy Spirit was operating on you and making adjustments.When I picked up the bottle again my hand turned numb and my inners began to shake.

Then a friend called and said God told her to stop on her way to an appointment and call me now! She pulled over to a phone booth and called with a verse the Lord told her.Since I had access to the church I headed there. I put the second item in the bottle.On July 30, 1998 the Lord gave me a verse In Hebrews 5:4 And no man takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God, just as Aaron was. Oh, Glory!When I reached the church I made sure no one could disturb me by going into the sanctuary and locking the doors.

I thought it a bit strange but continued. It did nothing. Then I spent the next one and half hours in His beautiful Presence. I put the first item in the bottle.A caution was given to not think of myself as something special because I would be deceiving myself. I heard voices excitedly talking about making adjustments now that they had the opportunity.All confirmed what others had been trying to tell me and what the Lord had been telling me. In Exodus the oil is used on the building and implements of the temple. I was gone with Him.

May I ever be able to stay here and still do what I must day by day. As I sat He came and stood in front of me reached out and held my hands and was just loving me until He said, it is time to go .I woke one morning and the Lord said it is time. When the dance was over I sat in a chair. The man later shared with me that the Lord had told him that he would be involved in something very special in regards to oils. I took the bottle out of my purse.)Then Les called with Gal. It seemed like I had just gotten there. That I was to be a vessel through which He would be a refiner and purifier to the Priest bringing back His righteousness and His Glory.It has taken everything within in me to maintain throughout the day and care for the children. This went on for a time.His Precious Presence is so peaceful so at rest so full of love. When I get a small chance it is so beautiful, so deep to the point of beginning to lose sense of my surroundings. As I prepared all seem as usual.


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